Friday, December 17, 2010

Drunk College Girl Slips Her Nipple

Ok, so it’s not a full nipple slip, but her areola is making an appearance, and that’s the next best thing. Plus, both of these drunk college girls are hot and fairly glamorous, so seeing her boobs on the verge of popping out of her top is that much sexier. I would gladly take a roll in the hay naked with either one of them, anytime.I’m guessing that these two cute coeds are at some sort of lingerie or pimp-n-ho type party, because of what they’re wearing and the extra glam. It was always seems to me that anytime a girl has the opportunity to dress-up like a dirty slut in public, they jump at the chance. With that in mind, think we should throw even more sexually themed parties to give them that opportunity!

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