Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrity Nipple Slip - Marisa Tomei

I just love Marisa Tomei! She’s one of the most beautiful women/celebrities alive, in my opinion. She’s so cute and perky, I just want to throw her down and have my way with her. I’m like George Costanza, I’ll even watch “Only You” just to see Marisa Tomei. I’ve heard rumors that she can be a real bitch working with her. I don’t know how true that is, but after “My Cousin Vinny” and an Oscar, she surprisingly disappeared for a while. Maybe her head was too swollen. Whatever the case, I’m sure I can deal with it, with eye candy like Marisa.

Alan Cumming has the right idea. I’d be pointing out to the paparazzi, where I plan on burying my face, too. Especially with Marisa Tomei’s cute, little tits and pointy, erect nipples staring me in the face, through her sheer top. It’s not a technical “nip slip”, but Marisa’s hard nips are definitely very visible. She obviously wanted to show off her perky titties a little bit, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone braless and let her boobies bounce freely, under her top. If Marisa Tomei is looking for attention, she’s definitely got mine. ;)

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